Health and wellness


  • Yoga classes
  • Sacred Circle of Woman
  • Tantric Alchemie  (classes)
  • Nairatmya dance classes (the Ecstasy of Goddess)
  •   Calculation muhurta, a favorable moment to undertake a specific action: marriage, important events, entering the new house, buying a car, starting a new activity, and more according to Vedic Indian astrology.
  • Calculation day and time for different activities according to Tibetan astrology and Chinese astrology and metaphysics to benefit from health, harmony, success and harmony, prosperity.
  •     Tantric Numerology
  •     I ching
  •     Traditional Feng Shui Analysis
  •    Naturopathy
  •     Kinesiology
  •     Floritherapy (Bach flowers, Australian flowers, French Deva flowers, Australian flowers living essence, Himalayan flowers, “Findhorn” flower remedies, Hawaiian flowers, African flowers, Amazonian Orchid flowers, uba tuba rain forest flowers, Flowers of the desert of Arizona )
  •     Quantum magnetic analyzer of the body – the scan of the energy field with more than 30 cards on the state of health
  •     Kinesiology test for food intolerances 



    Californian and circulatory
    Thai + yumeiho massage
    Vertebral realignment and reflexology of memory
    Ayurvedic massage
    Hot stone
    Foot reflexology
    Lymphatic drainage (Vodder technique)
    Hawaiian (Lomi-Lomi)
    Spiritual energetic
    Bamboo massage
    Abdominal massage Chi in Tsang
    Sound massage with Tibetan bells

    Energy treatments:    

    Reiki (Usui, Karuna, Seichim, Sekhem, Shambala)
    Tibetan Buddhist palm
    Crystal therapy and biophotons
    Violet flame
    Theta Healing, work on beliefs
    and Radionics (techniques for measuring energy and vibrations and other for psycho-physical-mental well-being)
    Geobiology – Geopathic analysis (identification of Hartmann nodes, Curry nodes, environmental energy, harmful waves, faults, strata and other)
    Purification of environments
    Energy purification of the person
    Pyramid-treatments with the pyramid